Church Films

“Who Do You Say That I Am”: For Easter weekend, we produced three vignettes about the fallout of Jesus’ death. This is the first one: Peter, distraught by Jesus’ death, reflects on Jesus’ most important question and one of his jokes.

“It is done.” John delivers the news to the disciples in finding that Jesus is officially buried.

“I saw Him.” Mary Magdalene has news for the disciples on Sunday morning.

Eden: For Good Friday, we made a five-minute film representing the fall of mankind, which shattered perfection and ultimately led to Christ on the cross.

Good Friday: Calvary: We produced four 3-minute vignettes for Good Friday taking Jesus from cross to grave. This is the first one:

Good Friday: Nicodemus: Jesus’ impact on Nicodemus

Good Friday: Blind Man: Jesus’ healing of the blind man

Good Friday: Mary: Mary reflects on Jesus’ birth as He is buried.

Easter Morning with Mary at the Tomb

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The Carpenter: This imagines the man who made Jesus’ cross. We follow him as he chops down the tree, carves and builds the terrible implement of torture upon which Jesus will die.

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The Works of our Hands: Through the course of history, the hands of human beings have committed sins that required a Savior, from the picking of the forbidden fruit in Eden and the building of the Tower of Babel to receiving of money to betray Christ and washing our hands of responsibility for our sin. These short vignettes focus exclusively on hands, and ultimately leads to Christ’s pierced hands on the cross.

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Jesus’ Final Breaths: For six minutes, this powerful video doesn’t move or cut away from Jesus’ head as we watch and hear him breathe his last.

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